Is you happy ????

April 28, 2010 at 5:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I ask because if your happy with your self then you have no need to speak on people you care less for i mean im very much happy that’s why my haters be so mad i… guess i think that you cant give your time to people that dont have your best interest ” so listen to me now I’m gonna say it loud So you won’t be confused ‘Bout what we talkin’ ‘bout I been through the storm Had dirt on my name I’m still holding on Champion of the game” and if your not on my team i just have know names i have no care for wont come out my life we have 2 much fun 2 have a lame on are mind …. shout out 2 im fake as fuck 🙂 i love it smh…. and i promise u i will be off the bull im 2 much of in a good place rite now > much success 2 u and i hope you have all learned some lesson god knows i have 🙂 peace & love, p.s better know your friends god know i do.


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April 19, 2010 at 12:42 pm (Uncategorized)

so me and my sis @kristianasian about THE  guys IN ARE  “past present & future” one’s …


and like we just dont know its like we see them all .. i promise you when we say where so normal and girl next i will sit and talk 2 any guy that can keep a good convo but as far as the next level and shit i just be 2 turned off its like … were 4 ever getting chose but never really accepting it maybe cuz were stuck on passed issues in guys we delt with im all for the underdogs and guys that dnt think they can get me they were 2 me the one’s i’d go 4 but give them a chance and the inherit a EGO and im humble alot of the time i cant do it so im stuck when you guys ask me why im single i have yet 2 answer that i wanna be in love and have someone 2 share my life with and help him build up his what ever but im all in the 50/50 .. so 4 any guy im ever interested in its cuz i see a glimpse of hope in you .. broke rich fat skinny small tall green red whatever .. but it seems i either get played or get hurt… so sometimes i think maybe i should just date these rappers and sports players  and get hurt but at least i knw the deal .. im a hand full and im 2 extra and im a bitch but im also smart and funny and i got my own sorts like a down-ass chick.. i surpassed the money and fame i dnt like it .. im happy ina 1bedroom home just getting by just 2 know i have someone that loves me and understands me and treats me well for me .. not in it for any other reason … i mean looking back i fucked up 1 relationship he could of been all thee above but when u mess with someone there views of you change and i understand that so its unfixable the pass relationship yall had ant never gonna be as good as it was … i look and i laugh at the ex’s i had and i think silly boi why u had 2 fuck up and its funny how they call me when there bitchs do them wrong its sad how we all play the characters that we dislike at time that human nature … in time i’ll learn 2 love my heart is in a good place its just it ant been there in a min so maybe thats why im so sceptical   lifes about risks so after 2day im give yall a chance yall fuck up im take it on the chin and move on 2 the next one life 2 short 2 have ill feelings about passed experiences live n learn i guess ..  the story of my life probable wont get told.. my nigga @_KingRob_ be telling me good things 2 work on im thankful for that >> and 2 these girls that be my “friends” and holla at the nigga that u think i be talking 2 good luck god be with u.

p.s i have some good tellers that tell me everything that be going on its sorter like informers hay i keep them homed and laced so how can they not be down 4 me … money makes the world go round rite 🙂 im just saying

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Sometime’s i feel like DIEING.

April 17, 2010 at 2:33 am (Uncategorized)


No im not crazy im Just real there are times we all wish we’d just be at peace.. i just feel like that alot more than a normal person >>>normal get it something i ant i mean in my world ur not right unless you have some screws loose 🙂 .. I mean not alot of people know my status in my life who i really am ect most people know me as booshie some of these ppl that say they love me “lies” but they dont know my real name yet you love iight >>blah fakes, im going threw some shit right now but never the less i’v never been this happy in a long time i have my friends like for me idk if i had real friends till now but these one’s that are in my life right now hold a solid place in my heart i been back and forth to court sorting out my personal stuff regarding money … its kinda scary being in-control of your own net-worth its sorter like “holding raw meat and 100 hungry wolfs run at me” that how i keep seeing it i hold tight 2 my best friend shay most times im around her she never lets shit happen 2 me in the sense she holds my money my cards my everything from day 1. See i believe i changed and not for the better sometimes … like i start to feel very careless about people who i dnt like … and that’s never been me cuz they were some people i loved at one point .. so idk maybe its just now the moneys here i think im invincible shit well i knw im not… i use 2 think i had 2 make every1 happy lol  its a hard job and i reailsed i  never will see people will take take take b4 they show u any kinder gratitude >>i ant lieing i seen it living proof  i use 2 have a brother that was my best friend now if i was 2 see him i think i’d look threw him its crazy rite how people change smh that’s the beauty of life i think were all hoping of a better tomorrow we just forget 2 hope for it together … my lil brother is doing time in jail he’s 16 in june … i freak out what my mom would say if she was here shm i knw i let her down so that shit hunts me .. shit like that means something 2 me 2 worry on not who likes me and who is fucking with me i wish my haters would hate me and leave me alone ok im fake im a bitch a lier im everything u say >> now exit thx … im happy tho i really am i got a team full of happy thoughts boys are boys there coming and going .. im cool on love rite now *i promise* summers here so i dnt think im need it >>im just a girl with issues  it respect it and if you dont like me please leave me alone i’ll be fine i promise 🙂


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April 4, 2010 at 11:22 pm (Uncategorized)



i  said

Oopsy daisy I hurt you again
Crushed your heart in the palm of my hands
If you walk out baby i’ll understand
Cos all i’ll do is hurt you again
Yeah, and again, and again, oops, there we go again






I been around the world I seen so many places living the life iv worked so hard to make it trading the world for money & power living my life at 100mph But still  not FINDING  love …………….




I use 2 dived in with love and be swimming in the deep end and be gone then when i leave and laugh and ask questions like so hows your week been without me how you keeping well there’s no come back season




Have you ever had a broken heart, felt so much pain
Lived in so much dark thought you’d never see the light again
Have you ever yearned from deep within when you see others laughin
That just for one second, you could b them
I lived life hiding behind the curtain
Never known for certain when I’d be free
I lived life as my shadow hopin that                                                                                       the pain would go
But all the time I was hidin from me

Abusive love


Everyday she would call me with another story said her mans treating her so BaD This can’t be the same girl thought your man was your world
Can’t you see hes making you so sad How could let him treat you so bad  Girlfriend You know your the best hes ever had….



I wanna be like those girls in the movies,
to have a man so in love it makes him drop to his knees.
She’s even on his mind, while he’s asleep at night,
’Cause that’s the feeling I need u 2 give me.

LAYLA. “some are song’s some are my own poems

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April 4, 2010 at 12:34 am (Uncategorized)



OK OK ……….SO yes i can tend 2 take shit way out of its amount but that’s me idk if you would like me if i sat in silence and just accept everything, I mean come on with the world we liVE in  and the fucked up people.. how can I remain at peace .. so I will keep being a bitch jumping the gun being extra and doing the most its me .. I wish 2 not change me if u dont like it the EXIT IS THAT WAY…. but check my poem 1st lol


Sometimes She imagines herself betrayed
and self pity becomes her last meal.
She rubs fragrant creams into her skin
and rims her eyes in darkest kohl.
Imagining herself to be Cleopatra
languishing on gold threaded pillows
an asp held to her breast.

fancies herself to be the temptress empress

fallen dream from the pages of a fairytale book
with the choice of princes from i which to choose.

Dont be alarmed im just a drama queen,


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April 3, 2010 at 8:54 am (Uncategorized)

BOOSHIE Ok,,,, waking up alone get’s sad and depressing today i woke up in a mist of darkness and it was raining outside which made it more depressing …….

I miss my mom.. most time’s … i hate how ppl argue with there mom’s smfh

my dad’s he’s a topic i have yet 2 speak on but thats my dad i love him  i guess..

growing up and having all that you want and then being grow and having what u is different see there’s shoes,bags,clothes, but then there’s love trust and respect things u cant just have and go buy the things i lack in life rite now is love and trust…. i made my mind up a few months ago that when i got over this guy i’d treat all guys the same and not take my bad experiences with me and punish the next guy… im try y’all i am im glad i dnt love him no more.. its good 2 have ur heart back in one piece .. imam keep it with me 4 now  not gonna give it away u can steal it tho ……

celibates is a bitch ….

I love it tho…

very picky with it … i guess i respect my body and self 2 much 2 sleep with a nigga idk and in no relation with i have nothing against  girls that do it i just have different morales & value …

my self belief at times is im gonna grow old alone  . .  hey im ok with it i enjoy my own company ….

i hate when my girls dwell on boy trouble like its something … worth the stress. * life’s 2 short*

Im not perfect but im real ..

I live in my own shadow sometimes i come out 2 get some air..  in my blogs.


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No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.”

April 1, 2010 at 7:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I woke up with one thought squats and sit ups my work out then clean up and do a bit of shopping…. everything went down hill as soon as i left the crib .. i think it was cuz i was not thankful to god letting me see a new day “my bad Allah ” BUT 1ST ENCOUNTER was closing my door and forgetting my keys “shit” i was pissed so i thought fuck it im deal with it when i get back no car keys mean i had to walk to the gym  did a hour then called my homie @zipporahrenee to chat . After a min of talking i got on the train to get to the mall .. ugh to the people on the train fuckers blow me .. I get to topshop and then vintage store rite after this 9 yr old girl was aruging with her mom and shit being hella rude and mean smh when she slapped her daughter i low-key  wanted 2 dap her then i glance at her other lil girl she looks about 6years old this lil bitch gonna ask me what im looking at i told that lil bitch “BITCH IM NOT THE ONE NOT TODAY NOT TODAY” thankfully i got out these white folks trailer trash drama … as i start walking it pour’s like a bitch like really bad my hair’s fucked now and my shoe’s my fucking mui miu got wet wet smh ……… the cab stink 2 … im thankful i got home and my baby @KristianaParis tweeted me  then this lil cutie @ThatBoyCurtis dreamy rite …. well i took a hot bath …. now im good got my girls texting wezzy voice ” PHONE HOME PHONE HOME BOOSH PHONE HOME”  LOL … i hate when ppl say fml ,,, damn  i love my life 2 say fuck it !!! peace n love all day ATL I MISS U LIKE SHIT …

xox Layla

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Message 2 strangers

April 1, 2010 at 6:56 am (Uncategorized)

Its sad how friends become strangers …….. how self pride comes in line lost friendships 4 pride but honestly it’s a self controlling thing you can be so close then bam its dead after that u cant control it been going threw it alot lately would i re-build if i could with them .. not really im just at peace . they say im brand new i think there fake we would never get passed the comments we exchanged in anger …. i wish them all great success im not a boaster but i think 2 have me in ur life ur lucky im a great friend 2 the people that misunderstood me as far as me helping thats hard 2 find in this world  mostly i  believe alot of ppl in  atl are  fake they probley think the same about me its cool.. i hope the best for y’all i really do

Being cool dont pay my lifestyle or do these internet blogs…

Ask ur self who am i with out fb twitter myspace.

I laugh at alot of you not by your struggle but by your self perjury.

Give out the karma you wish to receive.

PS. I wish to keep are broken friendship as it is stop hitting me up .


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So far living .

April 1, 2010 at 4:07 am (Uncategorized)

I’v learned money is a evil bitch she turns people green and red.. OR do she just bring out ur true colours ???

see im the type of person that will give u anything i realise i anger easily lol some bitch told me the other day i have anger issues she said it over the computer so i couldn’t slap the shit out her but yes im working on them dont watch my flaws bitch . aside from that im a bad girl with screws loose (everything i am made me everything im not) i seek smiles n laughter in my girls Ashley arius La Shay zeezee & Kristina “and him” 2 . but in time i learn  boys will be boys  dont sweat em and you dont need a guy 2 breath or laugh my mom said The only journey is the journey within. so for that i dont need anyone too take my journey of life  i just choose to im not mean clearly people feel that way im a bitch yes i stamp that for you but its because im guarded some what scared idk if i like it when someone wants to be my friend for what ever reason… i have this gate with a sign stating not hiring its like a job sometimes being my friend beeldat .. I made some bad choice in friendship and in romance this year if i could go back damn yes i would…. rejecting is a hard thing 2 live passed … but life does go on even if u listen to him tell u his dreams And his fears even  wiped his tears when he was down. cuz  you do over time  thinking like  Did I get on your nerves?
Did I give you too much that you couldn’t handle my love. moving on tho im settling in my new ways in these new days my heart still works just gonna take a Min to speed up …. live n learn

i guess im just ready to have fun…. again

fashion week … Dubai then ATL im back stunning on these hoes

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Hey guy’s

April 1, 2010 at 3:01 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to my blog .

this is somewhere i come to vent preach pass on events and in-lighting you nosey fuckers

Im me im so passed people liken me i could give a less fuck more and more

read and respect my words

It is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves.

I hope it helps


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