No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.”

April 1, 2010 at 7:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I woke up with one thought squats and sit ups my work out then clean up and do a bit of shopping…. everything went down hill as soon as i left the crib .. i think it was cuz i was not thankful to god letting me see a new day “my bad Allah ” BUT 1ST ENCOUNTER was closing my door and forgetting my keys “shit” i was pissed so i thought fuck it im deal with it when i get back no car keys mean i had to walk to the gym  did a hour then called my homie @zipporahrenee to chat . After a min of talking i got on the train to get to the mall .. ugh to the people on the train fuckers blow me .. I get to topshop and then vintage store rite after this 9 yr old girl was aruging with her mom and shit being hella rude and mean smh when she slapped her daughter i low-key  wanted 2 dap her then i glance at her other lil girl she looks about 6years old this lil bitch gonna ask me what im looking at i told that lil bitch “BITCH IM NOT THE ONE NOT TODAY NOT TODAY” thankfully i got out these white folks trailer trash drama … as i start walking it pour’s like a bitch like really bad my hair’s fucked now and my shoe’s my fucking mui miu got wet wet smh ……… the cab stink 2 … im thankful i got home and my baby @KristianaParis tweeted me  then this lil cutie @ThatBoyCurtis dreamy rite …. well i took a hot bath …. now im good got my girls texting wezzy voice ” PHONE HOME PHONE HOME BOOSH PHONE HOME”  LOL … i hate when ppl say fml ,,, damn  i love my life 2 say fuck it !!! peace n love all day ATL I MISS U LIKE SHIT …

xox Layla


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