So far living .

April 1, 2010 at 4:07 am (Uncategorized)

I’v learned money is a evil bitch she turns people green and red.. OR do she just bring out ur true colours ???

see im the type of person that will give u anything i realise i anger easily lol some bitch told me the other day i have anger issues she said it over the computer so i couldn’t slap the shit out her but yes im working on them dont watch my flaws bitch . aside from that im a bad girl with screws loose (everything i am made me everything im not) i seek smiles n laughter in my girls Ashley arius La Shay zeezee & Kristina “and him” 2 . but in time i learn  boys will be boys  dont sweat em and you dont need a guy 2 breath or laugh my mom said The only journey is the journey within. so for that i dont need anyone too take my journey of life  i just choose to im not mean clearly people feel that way im a bitch yes i stamp that for you but its because im guarded some what scared idk if i like it when someone wants to be my friend for what ever reason… i have this gate with a sign stating not hiring its like a job sometimes being my friend beeldat .. I made some bad choice in friendship and in romance this year if i could go back damn yes i would…. rejecting is a hard thing 2 live passed … but life does go on even if u listen to him tell u his dreams And his fears even  wiped his tears when he was down. cuz  you do over time  thinking like  Did I get on your nerves?
Did I give you too much that you couldn’t handle my love. moving on tho im settling in my new ways in these new days my heart still works just gonna take a Min to speed up …. live n learn

i guess im just ready to have fun…. again

fashion week … Dubai then ATL im back stunning on these hoes


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