April 3, 2010 at 8:54 am (Uncategorized)

BOOSHIE Ok,,,, waking up alone get’s sad and depressing today i woke up in a mist of darkness and it was raining outside which made it more depressing …….

I miss my mom.. most time’s … i hate how ppl argue with there mom’s smfh

my dad’s he’s a topic i have yet 2 speak on but thats my dad i love him  i guess..

growing up and having all that you want and then being grow and having what u is different see there’s shoes,bags,clothes, but then there’s love trust and respect things u cant just have and go buy the things i lack in life rite now is love and trust…. i made my mind up a few months ago that when i got over this guy i’d treat all guys the same and not take my bad experiences with me and punish the next guy… im try y’all i am im glad i dnt love him no more.. its good 2 have ur heart back in one piece .. imam keep it with me 4 now  not gonna give it away u can steal it tho ……

celibates is a bitch ….

I love it tho…

very picky with it … i guess i respect my body and self 2 much 2 sleep with a nigga idk and in no relation with i have nothing against  girls that do it i just have different morales & value …

my self belief at times is im gonna grow old alone  . .  hey im ok with it i enjoy my own company ….

i hate when my girls dwell on boy trouble like its something … worth the stress. * life’s 2 short*

Im not perfect but im real ..

I live in my own shadow sometimes i come out 2 get some air..  in my blogs.




  1. King Rob said,

    To Layla,
    im not sure where to begin, so i’ll do the best i can to make sense to you. my apologies if i don’t get my points across thoroughly.

    To begin, i haven’t experienced the type of loss you unfortunately have had to deal with, but i do know what its like to lose and miss a loved one. it hurts, and good or bad nobody is ever fully grasps the true beauty of any relationship (family or friends) until its gone. i too have suffered heartbreak and i haven’t been in a relationship ever since 06′. i get lonely all the time, and at one point i felt just like you. even now i dont think im ever going to love another girl the way i loved my ex.

    but what you have to understand, is that you are ALREADY whole, you are ALREADY complete!!.. you have a lot going for yourself along with a lot of potential, and while its easy to get soaked in negativity and dwell on the past, i recommend you use this freedom that you have to get in tune with yourself. what i mean by that is, take some time to get to know YOU further than you already do. use this time for GROWTH..not only into a better woman, but to grow into the queen that’s trapped inside. study your imperfections, because those are essentially what make you perfect 😉

    me personally, im an introvert by nature and i have a high tolerance for solitude. I always get lonely, and i know how it can be trusting new people. my advice to you, would be to keep your circle close, and if anyone comes along and you have a sincere interest in them, take it slow and make it last. this way, you’ll know if they’re worth keeping in your life or not. and you won’t be here on your blog wondering why things are the way they are..

    your a strong woman, stay safe..

    All The Best,

  2. King Rob said,

    im not sure where to start, so i’ll do the best i can to make sense. hopefully i get my points across thoroughly.

    to begin, i haven’t had to deal with the same losses you unfortunately have had to deal with, but i do know what its like to lose a loved one. as humans we generally take things for granted, and good or bad, never know the truth worth of relationships (family, friends, etc) until they’re gone or over with. it really hurts when it’s genuine, and unconditional..i can even say i feel the exact same way you do, as far as growing old and lonely. i haven’t been in a relationship since 06′ and while its possible, at this point in my life i highly doubt i’ll ever love another like i loved my ex.

    you seem well grounded and pretty sure of yourself, so while you have this level of freedom, i would humbly ask you use it to your advantage. use this time for GROWTH. get more in tune with yourself not only to become a better woman, but to unlock the queen trapped inside. study YOUR imperfections and keep your circle close knit, because they’re what essentially makes you perfect ;).

    you have to understand that you are ALREADY whole, you are ALREADY complete. while its easy to drown yourself in negativity, there’s nothing wrong with having a good heart. phony people will never go away, and thats just a sad reality. being an introvert i do occasionally get lonely, and luckily i have a high tolerance for solitude. but as a man i’ll leave you with this. if there is anyone worth your time, take it slowly and make it last. not only will this give you time to peep game if he’s bullshittin you, but you’ll have enough room not to make a mistake you could have easily avoided. and as far as love goes, the best things come when you least expect it. and any man that tells you you’re the reason he does [insert occupation here] or he only does what he does for you, is either outright lying, or to weak to be trusted. <-(just wanted to throw that in there 🙂 )

    you're a strong woman…stay safe.

    All The Best,
    King Rob

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