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OK OK ……….SO yes i can tend 2 take shit way out of its amount but that’s me idk if you would like me if i sat in silence and just accept everything, I mean come on with the world we liVE in  and the fucked up people.. how can I remain at peace .. so I will keep being a bitch jumping the gun being extra and doing the most its me .. I wish 2 not change me if u dont like it the EXIT IS THAT WAY…. but check my poem 1st lol


Sometimes She imagines herself betrayed
and self pity becomes her last meal.
She rubs fragrant creams into her skin
and rims her eyes in darkest kohl.
Imagining herself to be Cleopatra
languishing on gold threaded pillows
an asp held to her breast.

fancies herself to be the temptress empress

fallen dream from the pages of a fairytale book
with the choice of princes from i which to choose.

Dont be alarmed im just a drama queen,




  1. Ali Somaliland said,

    I liked this poem..it shows alot..i like the cleopatra part..eventho she was one evil bitch,,,nobody can live up to her..but still..nice well done..

  2. BUTTERCUP_DU said,

    THis shyt g0 SUPA hArd!!

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