Sometime’s i feel like DIEING.

April 17, 2010 at 2:33 am (Uncategorized)


No im not crazy im Just real there are times we all wish we’d just be at peace.. i just feel like that alot more than a normal person >>>normal get it something i ant i mean in my world ur not right unless you have some screws loose ūüôā .. I mean not alot of people know my status in my life who i really am ect most people know me as booshie some of these ppl that say they love me “lies” but they dont know my real name yet you love iight >>blah fakes, im going threw some shit right now but never the less i’v never been this happy in a long time i have my friends like for me idk if i had real friends till now but these one’s that are in my life right now hold a solid place in my heart i been back and forth to court sorting out my personal stuff¬†regarding¬†money … its kinda scary being¬†in-control¬†of your own¬†net-worth¬†its sorter like “holding¬†raw meat and 100¬†hungry¬†wolfs run at me” that how i keep seeing it i hold tight 2 my best friend shay most times im around her she never lets shit happen 2 me in the¬†sense¬†she holds my money my cards my everything from day 1. See i¬†believe¬†i changed and not for the better sometimes … like i start to feel very careless about people who i dnt like … and¬†that’s¬†never been me cuz they were some people i loved at one point .. so idk maybe its just now the moneys here i think im¬†invincible¬†shit well i knw im not… i use 2 think i had 2 make every1 happy lol ¬†its a hard job and i reailsed i ¬†never will see people will take take take b4 they show u any¬†kinder¬†gratitude¬†>>i ant lieing i seen it living proof ¬†i use 2 have a brother that was my best friend now if i was 2 see him i think i’d look threw him its crazy rite how people change smh¬†that’s¬†the beauty of life i think were all hoping of a better¬†tomorrow¬†we just forget 2 hope for it together … my lil brother is doing time in jail he’s 16 in june … i freak out what my mom would say if she was here shm i knw i let her down so that shit¬†hunts¬†me .. shit like that means something 2 me 2 worry on not who likes me and who is fucking with me i wish my haters would hate me and leave me alone ok im fake im a bitch a lier im everything u say >> now exit thx … im happy tho i really am i got a team full of happy thoughts boys are boys there coming and going .. im cool on love rite now *i promise* summers here so i dnt think im need it >>im just a girl with issues ¬†it¬†respect¬†it and if you dont like me please leave me alone i’ll be fine i promise ūüôā



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  1. King Rob said,

    i dont know you enough to say what i would normally say so i wont, and since i’m not familiar with your situations i wont dwell on them.

    maybe because i’m a couple of years older than you i understand how to deal with certain things a little more. regardless, i think you need to come to terms with a lot of things about yourself and your life, because you’re clearly conflicted. and that’s ok, we all are at some point. but you have to decide when to forgive yourself and let things go.

    if you’re sure of who you are and what you’re about, then you dont have to acknowledge those particular things every time you try to express yourself thoroughly, because you’re only taking a step back every time you do..

    just my thoughts.

    All The Best,
    King Rob

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