April 19, 2010 at 12:42 pm (Uncategorized)

so me and my sis @kristianasian about THE  guys IN ARE  “past present & future” one’s …


and like we just dont know its like we see them all .. i promise you when we say where so normal and girl next i will sit and talk 2 any guy that can keep a good convo but as far as the next level and shit i just be 2 turned off its like … were 4 ever getting chose but never really accepting it maybe cuz were stuck on passed issues in guys we delt with im all for the underdogs and guys that dnt think they can get me they were 2 me the one’s i’d go 4 but give them a chance and the inherit a EGO and im humble alot of the time i cant do it so im stuck when you guys ask me why im single i have yet 2 answer that i wanna be in love and have someone 2 share my life with and help him build up his what ever but im all in the 50/50 .. so 4 any guy im ever interested in its cuz i see a glimpse of hope in you .. broke rich fat skinny small tall green red whatever .. but it seems i either get played or get hurt… so sometimes i think maybe i should just date these rappers and sports players  and get hurt but at least i knw the deal .. im a hand full and im 2 extra and im a bitch but im also smart and funny and i got my own sorts like a down-ass chick.. i surpassed the money and fame i dnt like it .. im happy ina 1bedroom home just getting by just 2 know i have someone that loves me and understands me and treats me well for me .. not in it for any other reason … i mean looking back i fucked up 1 relationship he could of been all thee above but when u mess with someone there views of you change and i understand that so its unfixable the pass relationship yall had ant never gonna be as good as it was … i look and i laugh at the ex’s i had and i think silly boi why u had 2 fuck up and its funny how they call me when there bitchs do them wrong its sad how we all play the characters that we dislike at time that human nature … in time i’ll learn 2 love my heart is in a good place its just it ant been there in a min so maybe thats why im so sceptical   lifes about risks so after 2day im give yall a chance yall fuck up im take it on the chin and move on 2 the next one life 2 short 2 have ill feelings about passed experiences live n learn i guess ..  the story of my life probable wont get told.. my nigga @_KingRob_ be telling me good things 2 work on im thankful for that >> and 2 these girls that be my “friends” and holla at the nigga that u think i be talking 2 good luck god be with u.

p.s i have some good tellers that tell me everything that be going on its sorter like informers hay i keep them homed and laced so how can they not be down 4 me … money makes the world go round rite 🙂 im just saying



  1. jimmy said,

    good writing. Way to get your feelings out. Maybe I can give some good advice. I don’t know you but I kind of know one of your girls, kplena. The problem from the beginning is that too many people these days try to be ssomeone they are not. They walk around like yo, yo, yo and all that. This is not real and if it is they have been on the street too long to make good boyfiend materiall. You gotta get though all of that to get to the real person and by that time you realize it’s not what you anyway but you ae kind of stuck at that point point knowing that it’s not going anywhere. Majority of the “thugs” or “want to be thugs” are empty inside and not very smart from the jump so what can uu really expect from them on an emotional level anyyway. Hee is the key: find someone who you respect for real reasons like he is going to college, comes from a good home with both parents there, look at their friends and family (if they are good the 9 times out of 10

  2. jimmy said,

    computer keeps cutting off. If yoou find a guy with those 3 things you are starting petty good. The ball players and rap stars sometimes come from bad homes and then they get money and fame everbody thinks they are bigger than life. As you have found out before, they arre not. Moving forward set standards on what you are looking for and nevet drop below thosse standards. I suggest college, comes from a complete family whho are together and whos friends and family are good (career minded, drug free, good people). Using these standards will not guarantee the perfect guy but it will start you from a very good posssition by weeding out potential bad ones from the beginning. Try it, you will be surprised at what is out there. Buenos suerte!

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