Is you happy ????

April 28, 2010 at 5:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I ask because if your happy with your self then you have no need to speak on people you care less for i mean im very much happy that’s why my haters be so mad i… guess i think that you cant give your time to people that dont have your best interest ” so listen to me now I’m gonna say it loud So you won’t be confused ‘Bout what we talkin’ ‘bout I been through the storm Had dirt on my name I’m still holding on Champion of the game” and if your not on my team i just have know names i have no care for wont come out my life we have 2 much fun 2 have a lame on are mind …. shout out 2 im fake as fuck 🙂 i love it smh…. and i promise u i will be off the bull im 2 much of in a good place rite now > much success 2 u and i hope you have all learned some lesson god knows i have 🙂 peace & love, p.s better know your friends god know i do.


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